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One of the largest practices in the firm, the Intellectual Property practice was started by Chan Hua Eng in 1957 and then developed by Harry Elias in the late 1960s. Since then, Dato’ V. L. Kandan, Wong Sai Fong and Karen Abraham have nurtured it into a large, thriving and successful practice.

We advise clients on a range of IP issues, from registration of rights, and litigation to commercialisation of IP assets. We also assist our clients in other areas connected to IP, such as, but not limited to, advisories, licensing, advertising, consumer protection, internet and domain name protection, entertainment & media, gaming, and regulatory approvals for food and drug.

We act for the leading brands in all industries, which keep us continuously vigilant as to the nature and extent of counterfeits in the marketplace.

We also work hand-in-hand with the relevant government agencies in enforcing clients’ rights. Our team has a good rapport with the officers from the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office and public enforcement agencies. Our team also files and prosecutes trademark applications in Singapore and Brunei and often acts as co-ordinating agents for the international and regional filings for trade mark, industrial design and patent protection.

We manage our IP portfolio with the assistance of various technological aids to ensure efficient management of clients’ trademarks, patent and design matters. The Partners within the Practice Group are also Registered Trade Mark, Patent and Industrial Designs Agents. Some of our lawyers are also trained in the field of science and technology. We also pride ourselves in having amongst our staff members, technical associates who are qualified in the various fields of science.

Over the years our work has won the firm many accolades including Malaysia IP Firm of the Year (2011) by Managing IP, Malaysia Leading Intellectual Property Firm in Trade Mark Prosecution and Trade Mark / Copyright Contentious (2006 - 2013) and the Malaysia Leading Intellectual Property Firm in Patent Contentious (2006 - 2013) and Malaysia Leading Intellectual Property Firm in Patent Prosecution (2009 - 2013) based on the MIP World Intellectual Property Survey. The Firm also won the 2010 - 2013 Asia IP Awards (Malaysia) for Patents.

Jointly with the brand and rights owners, we have devised enforcement strategies and have effectively implemented various enforcement programs against infringers and counterfeiters with the assistance of public enforcement agencies and preferred investigators on formal opposition matters, objections and, and, are often involved in mediation and arbitration of IP disputes.

To know more of the Intellectual Property Practice Group's Heritage, please click here.

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Confidential Information
We advise domestic and international clients on a wide range of issues relating to the protection of their confidential information including the protection of standard operating procedures such as marketing and distribution strategies, to designs and manufacturing techniques.

We also advise clients on data protection on the Internet. By identifying areas of risk for our clients’ online operations and any responsibilities that may arise, we then develop comprehensive data protection procedures for our clients.
We stand in the front line of copyright proceedings in Malaysia. Our firm pioneered the use of the Anton Piller Orders to prevent the destruction of incriminating evidence and real exhibits for use at trial.

Our team is experienced in protecting, licensing and litigating copyrightable content. Our practice represents clients in various copyright matters encompassing the vetting and drafting of a whole gamut of copyright related agreements for the media, recording, film, advertising and entertainment industries. These include, among others, agreements for artist, screenwriters, programme production, talent management, distribution, music publishing, copyright reciprocal enforcement and synchronisation agreements.
Domain Names
The Internet has generated many challenges to the application of traditional IP laws.

We are able to assist with application for a domain name, renewal of domain names, domain name disputes including cyber squatting issues and IP conflicts on the Internet. We often represent clients’ interests under the Malaysian Network Information Centre’s (MYNIC) Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service and in courtroom disputes. With our far-reaching network of associate firms globally, our firm is also able to assist in domain name disputes in other regions.
Enforcement of IP Rights
We assist clients in protecting and enforcing their rights against counterfeiting and piracy. Working with the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs, the Royal Malaysian Customs and other private and government enforcement agencies, we are able to carve and roll out an anti-counterfeiting/piracy programmes that best suit our clients’ needs.
We provide legal assistance in all franchise issues including preparing the preparation and completion of disclosure documents, registration of franchises with Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism, franchise agreements and taking legal action for breach of the franchising agreement. We have been involved in significant transactions involving franchising in Malaysia and abroad in a variety of sectors both for foreign and home grown franchises.
Geographical Indications
Geographical indications identify goods as originating from a location, where a given quality, reputation or other characteristic of the goods is essentially attributable to their location.  A producer in the geographic location, a competent authority or a trade organisation may apply for the registration of a geographic indication.   The registration of a geographic indication will prevent other traders from falsely describing their products as sharing an origin with your goods and thus riding on the reputation your product has acquired.

We assist in acquiring, protecting and enforcing your rights in a geographic indication.
Industrial Design
Protecting industrial designs encourages economic development by encouraging creativity in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. In the registration of their designs and the protection of their designs from an enforcement point of view.
IP Litigation
As one of the leading firms in the area of IP Litigation, we have frequently appeared in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court, and, have been involved in many precedent setting decisions in this field. We are involved in the mediation and arbitration of IP disputes.

With the establishment and of the IP court, the potential for quick disposal of IP cases has meant that we will continue to play an important and leading role in this field.
Layout Design of an Integrated Circuit
A layout-design of an integrated circuit is the three-dimensional disposition of the elements of an integrated circuit and some or all of the interconnections of the integrated circuit or such three-dimensional disposition prepared for an integrated circuit intended for manufacture.

The law that protects layout-designs of integrated circuits is the Layout-designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000

A layout-design is eligible for protection automatically upon fulfilment of the following conditions
  1. It is original, i.e. the result of its creator's own intellectual effort and not commonplace among creators and manufacturers of integrated circuit;
  2. It has been fixed in a material form or incorporated into an integrated circuit;
The right holder of the layout-design is a qualified person.

We advise on the protection as well as the licensing aspects of layout designs of integrated circuits including the conduct of proceedings to prevent the infringement of and to enhance the enforcement of the rights accorded to the rights holder.  The rights holder is entitled to reproduce, authorize the reproduction of his layout design by way of incorporation into an integrated circuit of another.  He is also entitled to commercially exploit or authorize the exploitation of his protected layout design by another.
As one of the pioneers of the patent registration, patent advisory work and litigation, we represent  domestic and international clients,  such as local universities and research institutions, multinational companies, individuals and small start-up companies.

With more than 50 years experience, we offer our clients various services required in the securing and enforcement of patent protection for their inventions and innovations, and in some cases, upholding and protection of their rights in the use of unpatented inventions. Our services, among others include patent searches, litigation, drafting, renewals, prosecution and registration as well as drafting patent related agreements.  

In various areas of technology such as chemistry, biotechnology and mechanical engineering. This combination of technical and legal expertise enable us to deal with various complex legal and technical issues.

In the field of life sciences, we represent a wide spectrum of the Life Sciences industry, including pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical and crop protection companies, medical device, diagnostics and packaging suppliers, research institutions and government agencies, and venture capital, seed capital companies, banks and institutional investors.
Trade Marks
Our clients are multidisciplinary and our work cross border. We represent multinational corporations and local clients alike in the shaping and management of their respective trade mark portfolios. We not only assist clients with registration for protection of trade/service marks in Malaysia, but also Singapore, Brunei and other countries by virtue of our global IP network.

Our trade mark services are all encompassing and include  trade mark availability searches, trade mark pre-registration advice, trade mark renewals, advice on potential trade mark infringement and/or passing off, filing and prosecution of trade marks in Malaysia, trade mark expungement proceedings, instructing international trade mark filings worldwide, trade mark watching service, trade mark opposition matters which cover filing of notice of oppositions, counter statements, statutory declarations on use and written submissions, advising and drafting agreements on acquisitions, transfer and licensing of trade marks, recordation of assignments and registered users of trade marks, identifying IP assets by way of due diligence, and structuring clients' commercialisation and enforcement strategy for effective IP exploitation in their respective industries.
Karen Abraham
Indran Shanmuganathan
Timothy Siaw
Zaraihan Shaari
Jyeshta Mahendran
Janet Toh
Ameet Kaur Purba
Michelle C.Y.Loi
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