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The Energy, Natural Resources, & Green Technology (ENRGT) Practice Group was established to assist our clients to harness the growing business opportunities in the fields of oil and gas, mining, power production, energy and natural resources financing and hedging, hydro, solar and wind, biomass and biofuels and renewable energy.

Our Practice Group members have the breadth and depth of industry knowledge that comes with years of experience as advisors to public and private sector clients internationally. We number among our clients utility companies, oil producers, mining companies and solar companies.

Our services include advising on agreements such as joint ventures in respect of ENRGT projects, licensing, operation and management agreements as well as other associated agreements. We also advise on construction and project management agreements, land acquisition and other land issues. We pride ourselves in advising on optimal compliance strategies, whilst simultaneously providing assistance on tax breaks available and steering clients past the myriad tax issues associated with energy projects. We also assist in liaison with the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water as well as other government ministries.

Working with our ENRGT Practice Group means enjoying access to our firm’s expansive resources and international networks. At your disposal is the wealth of experience of our Dispute Resolution and Corporate and Commercial Practice Groups, as well the knowledge of other key departments, such as Tax and Revenue. We also draw on our Financial Services Practice Group’s ability to manage complex transactions in financing and regulatory compliance.

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Oil and Gas
We are ready to assist our clients every step of the way, from exploration, production and refining of oil to its transmission over pipelines.
Given the depth of our legal experience, we are well-versed in providing the pertinent legal advice as circumstances and legislation changes throughout the life of a mining project. Through our international network of contacts and resources we are able to provide you with the support system you desire at any phase of your venture.
Power Production
Our team has extensive experience in matters regarding power generation, transmission, and regulation. From the drafting and negotiation of energy-related contracts, we are pleased to serve our clients with personalized advice to best achieve their over-all objectives. We provide comprehensive legal advice to independent power producers, focusing on the business risks and limitations on technology associated with electricity projects.

We have also advised on the new scheme for feed-in tariffs and we are ready to advise energy suppliers on how to best capitalize on this new guaranteed minimum payment for each kWh exported to the energy grid.
Energy & Natural Resource Financing
We have extensive experience in the development, construction, and operation of both renewable and non-renewable energy resource projects. From wind and hydro to biomass and biofuels, we offer financing advice to our clients. At the heart of our project financial strategy is our due diligence process. We have shared best practices of project financing specific to energy projects with both lenders and borrowers.
Hydro, Solar & Wind
Because certain renewable energy facilities such as hydroelectric dams tend to outlast its amortization period, they present appealing investment opportunities. However, during the long lifespan of these projects come complex and changing legal challenges that we are ready to assist our clients with. From hydroelectric dams and solar (photovoltaic) power generation to wind-harnessing facilities, we are ready to provide the relevant legal input.
Biomass & Biofuels
Bioenergy, concerning both biomass and biofuels, is being highly promoted in Malaysia. From the conversion of biomass into charcoal to palm oil, biomass energy has been the target of many government production programs and incentives. We are primed to structure our clients’ short-term research and development strategies, along with their production and long-term growth plans according to these incentives. Our perceptiveness and knowledge of the bioenergy landscape makes us useful advisors to team up with.
Renewable Energy
At the forefront of the move away from dependence on oil and fossil fuel is the great promise shown by recent developments in renewable energy. With these opportunities come complex legal issues, and we are prepared to assist our clients' endeavours to meet the global demand for green energy alternatives by providing them with unparalleled client service for each phase of their project. We have advised on the Small Renewable Energy Power (SREP) Programme and Feed-in Tariff system which has now superceded the SREP Programme. We have also advised interested clients on issues related to the Renewable Energy Act 2011 ("REB") and the Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act 2011 ("SEDAB") .

Datin Grace C G Yeoh
Goh Ka Im
Christina S C Kow

Ng Swee Kee

Rajasingam Gothandapani
Pamela Kung

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