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The Regional Desks facilitate and attend to all proposals and enquiries on assignments (Inbound & Outbound) relating to the regions.

The Partners and Consultants assigned to each Desk have represented clients who have interests in the region. With their experience and knowledge, they are well placed to be your liaisons.



Robert Lazar:    
Datin Jeyanthini Kannaperan:    
K Shanti Mogan:     
Indran Shanmuganathan:    
Timothy Siaw:    

North/South America

Karen Abraham:
Ng Swee Kee:
Anand Raj:

China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau

Dato'Johari Razak:
Yee Mei Ken:


Grace Yeoh:
Irene Yong:

SEA/Australia/New Zealand

Karen Abraham:
Vijayan Venugopal:
Jyeshta Mahendran:

South Asia

S Radhakrishnan:
Muralee Nair:

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